Celebrate Reaching Major Fundraising Effort

Ute Valley Park

On Saturday, November 23rd, the Friends of Ute Valley Park will be celebrating reaching our major fundraising goal.

As part of the plan to acquire the 203 acres next to Ute Valley Park that was owned by Hewlett Packard, FUVP committed to raising $50k to supplement TOPS money and another $50k for ongoing maintenance. FUVP is extremely happy to announce the successful completion of this major fundraising campaign and to announce a celebration of that achievement.

The acquisition of this new open space addition to Ute Valley Park preserves for generations to come, the natural environment that many people have unknowingly been using as if it were a part of Ute Valley Park. Without the support of the entire community and beyond, we would not have been able to meet our fundraising goal in such a short period of time.

Friends of Ute Valley Park is inviting the community to celebrate the achievement of its major fundraising campaign and acquisition of the Ute Valley Open Space on Saturday, November 23rd at 10:00 AM at the Vindicator Entrance to Ute Valley Park

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